Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hey Look!!!

All right, so at our friends' Christmas party, much talk about not updating... well, my friends, it has been such a busy 6 months!! I have so much to blog and I've gotten so behind - summer activities, Wild Waves, friends, school, sports, dogs, vacation, holidays :( it's very sad! I was doing so well!
BUT, I received these pictures from our friend Dina today, of Chip & Barnaby... and no matter what else we end up blogging or not blogging about, these needed to go up right away!!

This is Chip's all time bff... lol... for the last 13 years!! Thick and thin!!
Barnaby, Dina and their kids Chris, Jordan & Rayah all got to come for a visit a couple weeks ago! They now live in Arizona so we don't see them as much. We had alot of fun living life with them for a week. We miss them already!
A little history... many of you already know but for the rest of you... Dina and I have been friends since junior high (so, 17-18 years? sheesh!) and after high school, she joined the military, met Barnaby, married him... his best friend was Chip... so then, of course, him and I end up meeting and there ya go!! We got married and are living happily ever after!!
So, ya see folks, if it weren't for that man above, Chip & I would've never met!! We owe our marriage to him and Dina!!
We love you both... so very much!! Glad we'll get to see you soon, again! We loved having you here and miss you!!