Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our first child turned 10?!?!? What?!?!

Look at these well behaved boys!! Friends from just this last school year all the way to friends from when he was just born 10 YEARS AGO!!!
We've got Jordan, Stephen, Jonathan, Ben, Matthew, Alex, Simon, Nevada, Brett, Sam & Adam!
(not pictured here but showed up later, Rand)
Once a friend of Alex's, always a friend of Alex's!!
Then I told them to all give him a big fat kiss on the cheek!!
"Son, for your 10th birthday, you only get stuff you need so here's a back pack of school supplies..."

Wii!!! The birthday present of the decade!!!
Alex, I can't believe it's been 10 years since I took this little baby home!! Having NO idea what I was doing but knew that I was absolutely in love with this new little man! You're growing up SO fast and it is such a bittersweet feeling! I love you sweetheart! You changed my life and I am forever grateful! You just keep growing, loving God and loving people like you do... I am SO very proud of you!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alex's BD present from the Craigs!!

Jordan flew up here from Arizona last week for Alex's birthday!! They've been friends since Alex was 2 months old!! That means he is probably his second friend ever!!

Beautiful sunny days for them to slip-n-slide with Simon!!
Red Robin to celebrate!!
Alex's actual birthday party!!! Playin' the Wii!!
The final day: on our way to Wild Waves!!!
Back to the airport he goes :(
We love you Jordan!! Thanks for coming to spend a week with us!! I hope you had a blast!! See you soon!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My 2 Birthday Presents!!

The Police
Chip bought me 4 tickets to see The Police!! After looking for friends who would appreciate these tickets, we decided to take our boys! I am SO glad that we did because both of them enjoyed it just as much as we did! Plus, they got to take a limo to and from the concert!! How many 9 & 6 year olds get to do that?!?

Gwen Stefani
My second big present from Chip was Gwen Stefani tickets!! He said I could do with them what I want... so, I wanted to take Mikayla and then one of my very good friends, Kelly and her daughter, Zoe, who is one of Mikayla's best friends! We had alot of fun! No limo but we ate at Red Robin before and then took a very interesting bus ride up to the White River Ampitheatre... wow!

Our Baby Graduated from Kindergarten!!

Thank you Sonship Kindergarten!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kovu ~Best of Breed~ May 28th!!

This was mine and Kovu's first Best of Breed!!! He's already a Champion but then we and his breeders started showing him as a "special" which is what ends up ranking dogs in the country. Well, on May 28th, he took Best of Breed over 3 of the top dogs in the country!! One of them being the #2 or #3 dog!! At the same time, Devani took Winners Bitch, Best of Winners & Best of Opposite - we should've gotten their picture taken together but we didn't :( Next time!! So, here's the one with us and Kovu... oh, I love this dog!!

So, after you take a Best of Breed, you then go on to compete against all the other Best of Breeds in your group - which in our case, is the Terrier group! I had NO idea what to expect or even what I was doing. So my friend told me to just watch the group before us. OH NO, not me, we got to be first group in and then on top of that, first dog in!! Nice! It was fun though and luckily a professional handler friend of ours was right behind me with another Terrier telling me what to do (or not to do - thanks Ed!!!). And the judge was very specific, so that was really nice also! It was alot of fun and I hope to be in that ring alot more!! Which I'm sure we will with Kovu and then also Chip's new boy, Nitro!! Both amazingly perfect!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

All About Alex...

Alex was the assistant director in "The Little Mermaid" at school! He had alot of fun, worked real hard and the play was perfect!!!
Also, Alex tested for his orange belt this month and PASSED!!! He is doing so great in TaeKwonDo! He just does it so well!

Good job Alex!! We love you... keep up the great work!!

All About Mikayla...

Mikayla has had one busy month!!
AWANA Awards Ceremony!!
Solo for Mother's Day!! She rocked it!!
"The Little Mermaid" production through the Missoula Children's Theatre with her school. Anyone who knows Mikayla, knows that she was the best, most animated seahorse up there!! It was such a blast to watch.
We are so proud of her!!