Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Final 2 pics!!

AKC pointed!!!

So, that's the term for dogs that have points but have not finished yet (for their championship)...
Now we have Pooler's Knock Out of Divinity, AKC pointed!!
This last weekend, he got 2 3pt majors!!! With Winners Dog/Best of Winners!! What a good boy. Saturday was with Adrian (his breeder) handling and then Sunday was with Chip handling (he looked SO awesome and professional!!) Honestly, I think Kovu acts like he was bred, born and raised for this! He's still a tad puppyish and really just wants to play with ALL the dogs but when it came time to work, for the most part, I think, he did great!! Plus, this boy turns heads - I love it!!!

Next we have Pirouette's Treasure of Divinity, AKC pointed!! She got her first 2 pts (not a major) on Sunday with a Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite!! Not enough females entered though to make it a major but even still, we are so proud of her!! She did amazing... she had only been in a couple of shows but she just moved and acted so natural! A bit nervous beforehand with the back leg quivering but in the ring, she did what I needed her to do and she paid attention to just me. I am truely so honored to have her!

Above are the final 2 pics of Chip & I showing Kovu & Devani together... this is after Kovu already took Winners Dog and Devani had already taken Winners Bitch. This is where they go up against any other already championed dogs... so, we didn't beat him but still, Kovu walked away with Best of Winners and Devani walked away with Best of Opposite (opposite sex of Best of Breed). Do you feel slightly educated now? I'm still learning it all but it's starting to come together... let me tell you how the points work... oh wait!! I still don't quite get all that -lol- I just know that Kovu has 6 (out of the 15 that he needs) and 2 majors (out of the 2 that he needs) -- Devani has 2 points (out of 15) and 0 majors (out of 2)... so we are well on our way to having our own Champion dogs!! Aren't they pretty?!?!?!

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kids' New Summer Pics!!!