Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kids' Camp!!!

My Girls!!!

Chip's Boys!!
Melissa, you are an amazing amazing woman!!! Everything was a blast!! From meals, to meetings, to worship, to games, to campfires, to more games, to a Big Huge Water Fight (where I almost died!), EVERYTHING!!! I believe you thought of everything to make it a huge success!! Plus kids' lives were changed... my life was changed!!! Congratulations on a job very well done!!
AND a shout out to Mike also!! Mike, you are an awesome man of God with a huge heart for kids... truely dynamic in everything you do!! Thank you also for all that you put into our kids and all the hard work you do... and all the "grief" you get from Melissa!!! Rock solid, man!!! :-))))
Thank you both... you are a God-ordained team!!!

The Rest of 4th of July... at the Helm's!!!

"Grandma" with Zyler!!!



Alex, Connor, Mikayla and Reagan... good ol' friends!! Lots of fun!!

A little patiotic!! Ya think?!?

We had our very own Chip'n'Dave show!!!

Thank you so much Wes & Candy... we had a GREAT time!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July Neighborhood Bike Parade!!!

Mikayla, Zyler & Alex... all decorated and ready to go...


Mikayla w/ Emma Mae & her dog Abigail!!!

And they're off!!!

Our friend Peggy holding the line w/ EmmaMae & Abigail :-)

And of course, we brought sweet lit'l Sienna - who was SO well-behaved!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Our Show Dogs...

Yesterday we headed out to our friend's house, Kovu's breeder, Jack & Adrian. They've been showing for years and know all the ropes... so we went there for some "training" (ok so I mostly watched but will definitely be working with the pups daily now :-) for my own sake)... it was absolutely amazing how the dogs just did whatever Adrian wanted them to... I have great dogs but they're never THAT great for me!! I will get there!!
Pooler's Knock Out of Divinity ~ "Kovu"
This is my sister's Amstaff that we co-own with her!!

Pirouette's Treasure of Divinity ~ "Devani"

This is our first pup - just turned 1 on Alex's birthday, June 22nd!! She is truely queen of the yard - don't mess with her toys!! Also, she is absolutely funny - she shows you how much personality, reasoning and so on that dogs really have...

Blue Diamond Sienna of Divinity ~ "Sienna"

This is my "must have" girl because she was the most brindle I had found and she comes from the Barbarian line... she looks just like her daddy :-) and she is the sweetest most expressive little thing.

This is Devani with her mom, Breeze. This was very special for us because Devani was shipped in from Illinois - we never met her parents and we picked her out online... so a chance like this is just undescribable. Breeze just so happens to be here "visiting" - oh ok - so she's here being bred to Kovu's dad... which, to me, is another really neat thing - their pups will give us somewhat of a sampling of what Kovu & Devani pups may be halfway like :-))))

Kovu and his dad Fireball...

Devani & Sienna so patiently waiting... I just thought it was a cute pic so I had to include it!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Off to Camp Berachah

Mikayla and her friend Zoe went off to camp for the first time... at least it was together!!

Alex is 9 Years Old -

- Where does the time go?!?