Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mikayla's Easter Solo Video on MySpace

Azusa Street

I had never heard of Azusa Street before but wow - what a part of Christian history. It is where the current day outpouring of the Holy Spirit began. 100 years ago... an amazing revival began where people were saved, filled with the Spirit and people getting healed... it was HUGE!! So, Dina & Barnaby, Jerry & Sheryl McCarty and Chip & I all went to 1 day of this week long celebration of the centennial of Azusa Street! It was amazing... so many people pouring into the LA Convention Center... people are hungry! I heard that there was over 100,000 people involved... they were in the Faith Dome "Crenshaw Christian Center" and also 2 other large churches/cathedrals in the area as well. So the night we went was Benny Hinn - I had never seen him before in person... and what I have seen of him on tv, all he did was heal people... but he actually preaches also! It was very very good!
What an awesome thing to be praising God with THOUSANDS of other people... just flat out gives you goose bumps! Before good ol' Benny preached, we had probably an hours worth of praise and worship... undescribable... we did take a couple of pics - had to! Hope that's not disrespectful! God wants it documented, I'm sure of it!!

Sparks, NV with Kurt & Mary

Well, Chip & I realized Monday, when it was too late, that we got NO pictures... NONE!!! We were so sad!
So, even though we didn't get any pictures, I still have to include it on here cuz it was a big part of our trip...
We had a great time... lots of driving around looking at the area and just really spending good quality time with them! Man, we miss them! They are such great friends -- such common interests, common beliefs and views, similar place in life and just plain comfortable.
Their church, Summit Christian Church, was great -- I love Kurt leading worship! I do miss it... and you can just tell that he is so in his flow, everything that he is doing there - he is so happy! He really fits and has a purpose and is walking it out, loving it!
And Grace is such a doll!! Reminds me SO much of Mikayla... which is totally my kinda girl! And just talking and talking with Mary.... plus seeing also how proud of her church and what they're doing there. She's also really happy and it was good to see that...
Of course, having lunch with Justin & Karon... those 3 boys together is just a riot! All 3 of them are too funny for their own good. And the way Justin helps "parent" Grace is well, too funny... but their's is on the way.... and he's gonna "sow what he reaps" - or is that "reap what he sows", Kurt? Whatever!
It was all fun... and sad to leave! Chip so loves Kurt... one of the few people that has really cracked the surface. I really appreciate that.

~~~ Brian's Coast Guard Graduation!!! ~~~ Cape May, NJ

Wow! We are so proud of him! This is truely one of the greatest experiences of Brian's life and I am SO glad that I got to be a part of it!!

Chip, Eric, Paul, Brian's wife ~Kim~, Chip's mom ~Debbie~, and Chip's dad ~Doug~ before graduation.

Brian is the one in the center of the picture - in the very back at the start of the brown cabinets.

This is the first time he got to see Kim in 2 months!! Look at that - her belly had grown!!! 3 months pregnant to 5 months pregnant is a big jump... she's looking so cute too!! She was excited, yet nervous, to wear her maternity shirt to really shock him :-) He was all smiles - I loved it - he was so excited... and proud of his accomplishment -- man, that basic training (or, as many of you know it, boot camp) is some serious hard stuff!

We had a great time and I am so glad that we got to be there longer than we originally had planned. Lots of time to just hang out with the fam... You all know Chip -- well, imagine being with 5 others of him, all basically cut out of the same mold... their father. Pure entertainment, nonstop I tell ya! He claims he's not responsible but well, sorry, he gets all the credit!! And it was really nice to not have the kids... really weird and kinda sad but still nice to enjoy without any interruptions. Loved it!

April 18th - Mikayla's Field Trip

Monday, April 17, 2006

Our Show Girls...

This is Devani... our first American Staffordshire Terrier!! She is queen of the house.

This is Sienna... our little princess. She was our second pup...

We'll be showing -- ok, maybe not "we" -- I will be showing them as soon as we get our classes done and we start registering for shows. I'll travel as far as Oregon, all over Washington and even one in Montana (which I'll then visit my grandma at the same time). I'm excited to see them become champions.
We also have a boy that we co-own with my sister at her house... Kovu, and man is he gorgeous! I'll get pics on here soon of him.
So, once they're all champions and they've all been health tested, we'll breed here & there! Probably in a couple of years! I can't wait! This is such an awesome dog -- great family dog, wonderful with kids, beautiful, smart, loyal, has tested up there with the Lab on temperament tests and SO much more.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


All 3 of my kids are SUPERSTARS!!! But today was Mikayla's day to truly SHINE!!! First and foremost, she auditioned for a solo a few weeks back and got it! So, today, it was time. Man oh man... this girl was seriously the BEST... and that's not just cuz I'm mommy and we always think our children are the best but, because she's the only one that got the "ooooo"s and "aaaaa"s plus clapping (even though it was in the middle of a song). Talk about a proud mama!!! I had so many people come up to me and tell me how cute she was and how great she did. Teacher Karen even said they'd definitely be using her again :-) yeeeeaaaahhhh! Great job Mikayla!!!

So, second of all -- all the kids had an Easter Egg Hunt. Well, in some of those eggs, there's numbers which correspond to big prizes. The biggest prize being a bike. Now, who do you think won the bike PLUS 2 other prizes, a skateboard and a golf set thingy??? Yup, Mikayla!!! And guess what!! She even ended up giving the skateboard to a kid that didn't get anything and had really wanted the skateboard... even more so, proud mama here!!

All in all -- this has been a great Easter... Alex was up there singing also and everybody looks gorgeous... of course, all our dear friends did a great job with the whole Easter program and of course, Pastor Steve's message was wonderful! Soon, we'll be off to grandma's house to enjoy the fam!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Women's Retreat at Semiahmoo

My great friend Melissa invited me to her church's women's retreat... she is so sweet, so real and so funny. She called me saying ~ ok, I'm going to this women's retreat and the registration form is asking who I want to room with... all I can put is "Renee!" so then further on, I have to put who I want to carpool with and all I want is "Renee!!" so, Renee, you have to go with me!! ~ I thought it was so precious. It was a good time... very interesting. These gals from Taylor Creek Church are just so nice, kind, gentle... their Christianity, their walk with God could definitely be desribed as "gentle". You can tell that this is truly who they are. We sang hymns plus some other worship/praise songs... only Melissa and I, in the back row, raised our hands in worship. The food was AMAZING! Talk about high class! We got gifts too... we were just treated SO well!! The ladies were so friendly... I felt so welcomed and we found so many connections.
The speaker was a gal named Susan Heyamoto... she goes down to the women's jail in Kent every Tuesday to preach. She prayed for her husband for 20 years to be saved and 3 years ago, he gave his heart to the Lord. What a great testimony she has! I was able to talk with her a bit in the espresso line and it's just neat to hear that she, herself on her own, is a horrible communicator but yet, look at what God has called her to do and given her a passion for. Just so reminds me that my weaknesses are there for a purpose -- so that God can show himself strong through me.... then people know it IS completely Him!

My Mom's 49th Birthday!!

Wow - 49 years old!!! Doesn't she look good?!?! My mom, sister and I went to see a movie - Failure to Launch - for her birthday down at the new Kent Station... was pretty neat actually. We went to a few of the shops down there. It is absolutely amazing to me how God puts such different personalities in the same family... and I realized that I don't think the 3 of us have ever done anything like that before... such different styles, different stages of life, just plain different... yet it was a good time. Probably something we should do more often and not take for granted how close we live to each other.

Drew moved away...

So, my brother moved to Boise, ID... him and his girlfriend, Stephanie. We met up with him to send him off with our loves! Who knows - we might actually see him more often now that he lives further away than we did when he lived in Bellevue - who knows!! We love them and pray for the best!! Apparently they have a really nice house in a really nice neighborhood. All the best and maybe, just maybe we'll see a wedding in the future...

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!!

God has got the biggest sense of humor of us all!! He took 2 dog-loving, cat-hating people and gave them a "head-over-heels" cat-lover as a child!! So, hmmm, here we have an opportunity to show him true selflessness... isn't that fun?!?! Years and years of Alex wanting a kitten has finally happened for him. A couple weeks ago, Chip really prayed about it and decided to surprise Alex with the kitten he had his eyes on from our neighbors. He has decided that he has the nicest dad in the world! And of course, you KNOW my heart was touched!

My Boys!!!

Ok -- new to this whole blogging thing so, I have to do some "back-blogging"... This is a pic of my boys having a BLAST!! Great fun in the Kay household!!